Help on the Way

Hello everyone and thanks for coming back to PhresWater.net again and again and again... all the traffic and correspondence is very flattering! Especially from all the previously posted material - it has been an inspiration to me personally, thanks again for your support!

Big changes are on the way although I have no specific ETA on when this all will take place. We just purchased the domain PhreshWater.net last week after a botched attempt at gaining our .COM back from domain registration pirates..... friggin scumbags! So, at the present time PhreshWater.net is pointing to this Blog space which has served as a partial archive of the old PhreshWater.com from years past.

The 'Plan A' is to get PhreshWater kick started again, get its own space back, and then re-publish all that juicy content, in its entirety, and start serving up quality independent music journalism again. Sounds grand, eh? Got any ideas or want to pitch in on getting the engine reloaded? Great! Send me an email [or a comment below] and I'll consider all options from the readership

I'm tidying up the place this week in preparation for new material on a more frequent and predictable basis. That Phil and Friends show with Mike and the Duo closing down the house in Asheville just set my mind on fire, like I had been in a long slumber. I'm not sure if it was the master crafted goo-balls or John Scofields Dark Star, both complete with ethereal mind altering pyrotechnics, that led me back to the PhreshWater's early days and thoughts of its revival. Whichever substance, ingested or audibly injected, got my wheels turning - I will mark that show as "The Day" I picked up the ball and ran again.....

Quick Note: Finally, Blogger set up 'Comment Moderation' and 'Verification' of comments so the spam-bots can be stymied. So, if you're browsing the archive and see 35 comments on how to improve the girth of your rhubarb, please be advised that these comments were posted prior to this amazing upgrade to Blogger's services.

Thanks for sticking with us!



B Ray said...

Hey Shane, this is Brandon Ray, yup still that obsessed Peachhead. Anyway good to see things are up and running. I'm starting this blogging thing myself, guess I'll write stuff down when I get some sorts of inspiration.
Wish I was going to Bele Chere, but have other plans for the weekend...I definitely wanna hear how it is...last year was a blast.
Anyway feel free to stop by:

Take it easy.

S. Remington said...


Great to hear from you, I knew you'd be lurking around somewhere! Its downpouring here in the Asheville area, hopefully it will let up soon. Looks like I'll miss Bele Chere anyway - I sprained my ankle Thursday night. All I need is a new girlfreind and a wheelchair in order to make it!

Great looking blog - good to see you writing again. Submit some more material over and we'll get them posted


Note: Brandon wrote for PhreshWater back in the hey-day