The Nick Vivid Effect - Power Duo!

The Nick Vivid Effect
Nick Vivid: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Shane Kerton: Drums

It's PhreshWater's pleasure to introduce to you, from Brooklyn NY, The Nick Vivid Effect.

Reaching deep into the pockets of the post-glam 70's comes a power chord duo that makes more noise than most bands of four members can muster. Nick Vivid leads the way with his full throttle crunch-throb guitar and dizzying vocals. Shane Kerton pounds hard, frequently, and with precision on his massive Fibes drum kit - outfitted with a twenty-eight inch marching band kick-drum. This mix of minimalist rock and punk, served up at full volume, is a sonic buffet for the ears.

"I wasn't planning on doing a 2 piece," Says Nick Vivid, "..but while jamming with a friend uptown one night in early December and plugging into 2 amps, I felt such a full sound happening and felt so inspired to riff out all over the place with fresh ideas and complete freedom, that I knew it was the new direction to go in."

Head over to MegaPlatinum Entertainment [Nick's own label] and grab a copy of The Nick Vivid Effect's first digital release "Baby Better Look Out" which features 3 masterful tunes: Baby Better Look Out; And Now, The Moment We've All Been Waiting For...; Go Get 'Em, Kid!

Your ears and your friends will thank you for turning them on!

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