Mass Media?

The move was successful but in the process we learned that we would have a bit less space. Being an audiophile, the stereo was set up immediately although we didn’t have a clean drinking glass from the boxes strewn across the floor. The CD’s made their way into the media rack, into the entertainment center, into the CD jukebox and case organizer, and then nowhere. I looked around and realized I’d run out of storage for the rest of the music and I stood dumfounded in the middle of the den. My brother mentioned that he had went through his collection a few months ago and his wife took the box of discs to work and her coworkers quickly pillaged the stash.

I thought about all this for a second, walked over to the media rack and glanced over Charles Mingus, Ween, Sly and the Family Stone and Frank Sinatra. I must have spent some time going over the titles and humming tunes because my brother’s voice broke into my trance state imploring me to, ‘Pick out the ones you don’t really listen to.’ Quickly, I became like Bilbo Baggins protecting his ‘precious’ ring as I snarled and huddled closer to my wall of CD’s. How could I give up my life long ambition of having every inch of living space dedicated to music? Anyone who comes closer is going to loose an eye!

Well, no music had to perish in the move and the discs without a bed are snuggled closely together in shoe boxes over in the corner. I guess they’ll remain there over the next few days and go unnoticed with all the other clutter or until someone complains about them taking up room. Is there any music that I ‘don’t really listen to’? I may have to eat cereal out of my hand this morning but I’ll have my precious music playing throughout the house as the milk slips between my fingers.

S. Remington – Editor
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