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Thank you for visiting the PhreshWater Blog powered by 'Blogger'. If you have no idea what PhreshWater.com is all about then please stop over for a visit. Our staff, Interns, and Music Fans from all over the world come together to bring you, via Independent Journalism, the latest in Music News and Reviews. What is 'Independent Journalism'? ---- It means that no matter how many millions and billions of dollars that the record industry pours into super-hyped publicity we will report and write about music the way it should be --- With a Free and Open Mind. We are not funded by any outside sources and we are only fueled and read by avid music fans who understand 'quality'. If a band can pawn off 1 milllion cookie-cutter, over-produced, CD's does it mean that it was the 'Album of the Year'? Not necessarily.....

This 'Blog' is going to serve PhreshWater.com readers, New readers, and Blog-Hoppers as a type of 'Letters to the Editor' section that I will try my best to make a daily addition. The topic will always be music related and you are more than welcome to Email me any questions or topics that you would like to discuss and I may even publish your letter in it's entirety.

Take care and visit again -- Let's Blog!

S. Remington - Editor
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