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In a move to ensure that online music can continue to legally thrive on college campuses Penn State has just signed an agreement with Napster to offer their premium service to students campus wide. Napster will offer high quality audio streams, tethered downloads, and forty radio stations as well as the ability to purchase downloads to burn at $0.99 per song. Read the full story HERE

There seems to be quite a bit stirring on the table when it comes to the digital delivery of music. It’s great to see the Universities coming to the forefront and offering positive solutions to the copyright infringement problems that are apparent globally. We’ve seen the Canadian government take to educating their nation on the issues, the RIAA using scare tactics, MIT students making an attempt at a legal campus solution, and everything in between. As I’ve said from the beginning of all the hoopla: This digital revolution is going to happen, it has been happening, and solutions need to be presented instead of going on the attack.

Finally, an online presence has been established to inform and discuss the solutions pertaining to digital music downloading and the many other issues that come under its umbrella. The International Music Industry Reform Assoc (IMIRA) has just launched as this source and features stories, news, forums, and more on these very sensitive topics. The site will also stand as an open think tank to gain positive momentum in resolving the many issues that face the imminent peer-to-peer future. Read the press release HERE.

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