Kind readers of this section of PhreshWater.com and the main site: I want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Holiday Season. There are so many things to be thankful for, especially my life blood and soul-food: Music! The PhreshWater.com staff is also thankful that we are going to take a few days off from writing and spend some time with our families and friends; another integral part of our support system!

If your looking for the gift of music to give this season we’ve got the perfect stocking stuffer! PhreshWater.com’s Gene Pool Compilation Volume 1 is now fresh off of the press and ready for under the tree! The Gene Pool is PhreshWater.com’s section where we feature up-and-coming unsigned and independent artists. We’ve decided to put out a great compilation CD featuring all of these bands each and every year. The first ever Gene Pool Compilation features amazing tracks from Revisor, Lotus, Sum Demeana, Infradig and many more! Check out the feature story of the Gene Pool Class of 2003 and pick up a copy of the CD.

All purchases help keep PhreshWater.com, your favorite free and independent music media webzine, alive and flowing day after day after day……..

Again, Happy Thanksgiving and we’ll be speaking after the weekend!

S. Remington – Editor
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