Single Power!

I just purchased my first album via download a few days ago. What a bargain! On Napster my wife and I were able to grab up a complete John Prine album for $9.95 and have it burned to a CD in less than 15 minutes. In doing so I avoided several issues that I will most certainly avoid again:

1) Over-Priced CD’s at the commercial record store
2) The Long Drive and Gas it took to get there
3) Wasted Paper and Packaging

Although Rock superpowers like Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers have stated their case in defense of the dying art of the ‘Album Format’ I have to point out an interesting fact to all of them. Since the opening of Apple iTunes and Napster we are seeing a resurgence in the power of the ‘Single’. A music medium that had its heyday when our parents were listening to The Beach Boys and Beatles is about to make it’s mark on the digital world without the aid of vinyl.

Thom Yorke, front man of Brit rock sensation Radiohead, stated in a recent interview that he is pleased with the new frontier of music for download even if it means people are more inclined to single songs instead of an album. He also said, and I’m in full agreement, that the way we are experiencing music is continually changing and that musicians should be able to evolve with those changes, to enhance the overall music experience. There are some interesting statistics on the recent surge in the digital ‘Single’ for sale. Click HERE

Whine about albums all you want. It still doesn’t mean they are going to go away. I still buy vinyl LP’s at the thrift store and enjoy them thoroughly. One thing is certain: The music industry wasn’t ready for the download revolution and the people responded regardless. Isn’t it beautiful?

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