Outkast: Kings of Pop Digital Revolution!

A milestone was reached last night on Billboard’s 2003 Music awards. The first ever award to an artist for Digital Downloaded music was given to triumphant applause at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas last night.

The award was given to the artist who had sold, according to the Billboard charts, the most downloaded singles since tracking of those sales had begun earlier in the year. Outkast beat out other artist offering their wares in digital format for their song ‘Hey Ya!’ which racked up over Coldplay, Beyonce, and Black Eyed Peas for this ground breaking award. Read more about the Billboard awards HERE.

Hats off to Billboard for offering this fine award in a time when it is needed most. Also, hats off to Outkast who took the stage to accept their award and stated clearly to the audience and millions on the airwaves that they appreciated the award dearly, that downloading without paying was directly stealing from the artists, and that it “Shows Honor..” that fans worldwide are gathering forces to pay for digital downloaded music.

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