PhreshWater Readers and Phriends Worldwide

This is a very sad day for PhreshWater.com.
Staff members have lost their full-time jobs
due to the economic crisis in the USA and the
disrespect of GW Bush for the US Workforce.
After several days of discussing this issue
PhreshWater.com has made the extremely hard
decision to shut down indefinitely.

The past 2 years for us on the web have been
a magnificent journey into music as a whole
as we explored together it's many facets. Please
understand that PhreshWater.com was a labor of
love for music and we generated barely enough
to keep us afloat. The entire site has been
operated by unpaid staff and the best Intern
Staff on the planet.

If anyone has any ideas or knows of ways to
re-launch this endeavor we would love to hear
from you. We will keep the Editorial section
open so we can update everyone from time to time
and maybe, just maybe, you can swim with us again..

Peace and Love,

S. Remington - Editor
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