Welcome Back Phriends!

Since the recent bad news that we had to pull PhreshWater.com off of the Internet as a full service music magazine a few of us have banded back together to bring you great independent music media again!

We will be making a lot of changes here at the blog site, which was in times past our editorial section only, so check back frequently. Here in the next coming days we'll be open again for submitted material and other great stuff for the readers. Also, I plan on posting a wealth of older material that we had previously published that is just too good not to archive, right here, for the world to read like interviews with The Crystal Method, Cyro Baptista, Ras Alan, Larry Keel and many more artists from our well over two years of archived material from PhreshWater.com

Stay tuned as we fine tune the operation!

S. Remington - Editor

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