Distaste of the Union

Yup. I actually sat through G-Dubya’s State of the Union address. It could have been the most embarrassing time for our nation in as many years as I can remember. He played the race card, he preached his gospel of preemptive war, he smiled wide at the thought of nearly a half-trillion dollars of debt, all the while smirking and winking at his Republican peers in the front row with blatant disregard and disrespect to every American alive, for the world to see.

Howard Dean has been completely raked over the coals for getting ‘Excited’ and rallying his supporters forward to New Hampshire and then no one says a word about The Smirking Chimp getting worked up into a lather a day after his address, with uniformed teens behind him, yelling and carrying on about ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ that may have existed a decade ago in Iraq but are obviously are not there. Folks, the Germans were all excited about Adolf when he first emerged on the scene but look what the outcome was years later.

I’m also severely disappointed at the news media, especially Peter Jennings who last night at the New Hampshire Democratic Debates sat like a smug sorority girl on Xannax and tried his best to pit each candidate against each other instead of asking questions that REALLY MATTTER! Is it not Ok to make a decision five years ago, decide it wasn’t the best, and then change your mind for the better? Are people not allowed to make mistakes and the correct them later? What in the Hell does it matter what a candidate said 5 years ago when the REAL person we want to get to know is STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

Music fans, do not let G-Dubya, The Smirking Chimp, have another four destructive years in office! Is it just me or am I the only one who knows that Dick ‘Serve Ya Meat?’ Chaney’s food service company was able to get the contract in Iraq to feed our troops? Are you going to stand by and let this rabid idiot give our country away? Are you going to let this administration take money away from schools and yet continue to hold them accountable for test scores when they can’t afford resources to teach properly? Where are the real Americans? Are you one? If you are you can’t just sit there and let this happen to our beloved country!

Who will be the Democratic nominee in 2004? Whoever it is, get behind him with full support, people. Not registered to vote? Click HERE

S. Remington – Editor
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