One Mans Trash?

The following comment was submitted to this column regarding the prior post titled ‘The Liner Notes’ on 01.07.04

“…I could really care less whether somebody buys online or in the store. I don't think there is a lot of saving the environment by buying online. Why? Computers have a usable life-span of about 3 years and then they are trashed. Where do they go? Eventually they all end up in the dump as well.” – Thomas R.


Your apathy only exceeds your ignorance on the matter being discussed.

First of all, if you are only getting three years out of your PC then YOU are the problem: Buying into the idea that PC’s ‘Wear Out’ after 3 years is absurd. It will give Dell and Gateway sales executives great pleasure knowing that there is still a cross-section of our society that takes their technical knowledge from the Sunday comics…

Secondly, thanks for enlightening us with your methods of old PC disposal. It only takes 400 or more chemicals to make the monitor, which will leak into our water once it hits the city dump, my friend. So, saying that ‘I could really care less’ and not understanding the benefits of the Internet and high-speed networking defies logic itself. There are several companies nationwide who can safely recycle any computer, free of charge, and if you are too cheap to take this route why not donate your PC that hit the ‘Expiration Date’ to a school or church that would appreciate a usable machine?

It’s all about Solutions, folks.

S. Remington – Editor
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