Happy New Year!

Hello regular readers and guests, we’re all back in the saddle at PhreshWater.com from all the holiday hoopla. Expect to see me here frequently in the days ahead in 2004…

Last night on PBS they aired the U2 – Live at Red Rocks concert right at the turn of the new year. As I sat and watched this explosive concert I was turned back in time to high school when U2 was one of my favorite bands of that time in my life. They knew exactly what was in my heart and how I felt about the state of the world that we live. And while I watched Bono and The Edge ignite the stage at Red Rocks Ampitheater with the crowd going mad I realized that I haven’t changed much at all since then. The world I see around me hasn’t changed much either and there is a lot that troubles me. Just as these thoughts happened The Edge belted out his memorable piano and guitar reverie on New Years Day and I felt that my concerns were not going unnoticed…

This year I want to do the best I can to unite my brothers and sisters around the globe. I feel this is my duty this year seeing how we in the USA are facing one of the most important Presidential elections in our history and the world is watching to see who the REAL inhabitants of this country are. Are we going to blindly let GW Gump and his radical right-wing Gestapo mislead us again and again or are we going to stand up and not take this shit anymore?

I want a world of peace and I’m going to do my part to bring it about this year. If all I have left is this pen and keyboard that is my mission along side of bringing truth and honesty into the music media, a shared goal of all of us at PhreshWater.com

Peace on Earth in 2004!

S. Remington – Editor
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