Cuban Music Crisis part II

As I have reported earlier in this editorial column several Cuban musicians were kept from attending the Latin Grammy’s to receive their hard earned awards. For the second year in a row the US State department has stymied the efforts of the Cuban musicians and claiming, much like a spoiled brat, that the musicians simply failed to give ample time to perform ‘proper’ background checks. State Department spokesperson, Richard Boucher, sunk his left foot deeper into his mouth by claiming that the musicians could pose unwanted terrorist threats.

“Am I a threat to U.S. national security?” asked rhetorically Eliades Ochoa, a leading folk singer. “That makes me laugh! I’m only dangerous when I’m holding a guitar, making music.” Read the Full Story HERE

To think that music, our planets precious song in its many forms, can attempt to be squelched by the devious and blatant actions of Governments on either side of the ocean. Terrorist threat? For the love of Moses, did the state department think that one of the musicians was going to detonate his pair of castanets in the middle of a Salsa number? Who in the hell gives these people jobs in our US Government? I guess only the idiotic and the brainwashed are accepted to perform our countries most dirtiest work and to continually fuel the ‘Caribbean Cold War’ with asinine antics that we have seen one to many times. Shame on the State Department for this covert, schoolyard, bratty display of upholding the laws of our wonderful nation.

Hats off to Cuba who had the tenacity to host their OWN concert that night as a dual purpose event to celebrate their own countries musical virtuoso’s and also slap the faces of Castro and the US State Department. I hope that Ibrahim Ferrer, Buena Vista Social Club member, had a great time up on stage that night and will have enough kindness in his generous heart to realize that most of the people on this continent do not support the actions carried out by our Government full of witch-hunting, McCarthy pandering, dip-shits.

S. Remington – Editor
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