Labor Daze

I hope that everyone had a great Labor Day weekend whether you were out seeing your favorite band or hanging out at the pool, and a special thanks to those of you who worked over the holiday so I could enjoy mine. I want to mention again that this Blog serves as the ‘Editorial Section’ of PhreshWater.com | Music News & Reviews. This means that your involvement is always welcome in the form of comments, questions, or editorials of your own. Please feel free to use the email below or to your right at any time for your thoughts on my favorite subject; Music!

While enjoying my weekend I took a rare opportunity and indulged in my Father-in-Law’s digital cable or ‘Two-hundred channels of nothing’ as we both decided it should be called. I stopped at CNN for a brief moment to catch up on some blood, gore, and bombs. A news anchor was expounding on the Labor Day weekend and how many Americans were going to be on the road or on vacation. She then said that the USA is lagging behind most countries when it comes to vacation days from work. The UK and Italy topped the chart with 35 average days off per year! The USA had a dismal 10 average days off of work per year only to be beaten by China with 15.

And to think of all the crap I’ve listened to from G.W. Gump and Donald Rumsfeld about China and their deteriorating civil rights! At least the Communists are getting better rest with an additional 5 days of vacation per year. Makes you feel ‘Proud to be an American’ now, huh? You can’t blame me for being a bit shocked at those figures. No wonder our country is stressed to the max and pumping out $300 a month in psychoactive pharmaceuticals! I guess if my US job were only allowing me less than 10 days off a year, no time off for maternity leave, and no promise of a financially stable future or retirement savings then Government authorized drugs might be just what I need. Then again, with no available time off to visit the Psychiatrist, I guess that my hopes of masking this sense of impending doom have been completely deflated.

Coffee anyone?

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