Education without Music?

I find it very disturbing that our public education system in the USA continues to slide deeper and deeper away from the basic rudiments of learning that help children become well-rounded members of our society. As schools frantically try to figure out how to boost ‘Test Scores’ the students get short-changed by having access to the arts almost yanked away completely. Music and the Arts have been forced into the back seat so the US Government can pretend that our children are ‘keeping up’ with other countries academic achievements as our schools turn out under-prepared graduates into a scarce job market.

According to the Music Industry News Network, ‘The nation's leading music advocacy organization today advised parents and local educators that despite good intentions, local interpretation of the federal "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB) education law is seriously affecting access to music education for America's public school students. "The law clearly identifies the arts as a core academic subject," explains American Music Conference Executive Director Rob Walker. "However, the requirements for standardized testing in literacy, math and science are leading local districts to divert resources away from other subjects. As a result, the arts are truly being left behind. We fear most of all that music, which is a vital learning pathway for children's success in school, is being sacrificed for shorter-term testing results. We're talking about what kids need to be successful learners." Read Full Story HERE

How have we let this happen in the USA? Is the ‘Power of Pride’ so weak that it can’t lift an arm and stop this type of foolishness from happening right under our own noses? You are probably asking yourself ‘What can I do?’ or ‘Where to go from here?’ If you’re not registered to vote then that’s a good place to start. From there you can go to SupportMusic.com and learn more about how to support music education in the United States.

I’m not willing to let our music, art, or heritage to be pushed aside. I’ll even support this issue in a country that’s not my own. Are you satisfied that your children’s education will only prepare them for the time clock? What will you do about it?

S. Remington – Editor
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