Full Bluntal Ignorance

Ted Nugent, Seventies Rock Icon turned NRA zealot and poster boy, has recently filed a lawsuit against the town of Muskegon, Michigan for canceling his upcoming concert in June. Apparently, Rick Lewis and Michael Floorwax, morning talk show hosts on radio station KRFX-FM, ended the interview in progress with Ted after he made several racial slurs against Asians and African Americans. Nugent claimed that the cancellation of the June 30th concert “damaged his reputation and career”, according to a statement issued by his attorney. Full story HERE

I guess if you were encumbered by the same massive ego as Ted Nugent then it would be hard to understand why an entire city wouldn’t want you and your ignorant, loin-clothed, bigoted mouth making a public appearance. Does he think we are all complete idiots when we listen to his lyrics in ‘Stranglehold’ and don’t notice the outright degradation and references to violence against women?

Let’s get real, brothers and sisters. Ted needs to get a grip on reality and stop bitching and whining when his mouth gets his ass in trouble. My two year old is light years ahead of Mr. Nugent in intelligence, composure, and respect for the other inhabitants of this planet. Ted’s back-ass values and blatant disregard for anyone who doesn’t agree with his platform of “Kill it before you grill it” just makes me sick. You got asked to not appear in concert, Ted, because you are a disgrace to our society that has evolved beyond your shallow perceptions of our planet that is searching for peace.

S. Remington – Editor
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