Novoselic for President

Earlier in the week Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic announced he is done with the music business and is giving up his latest musical project in exchange for a shot at politics. Eyes Adrift, Novoselic’s latest band configuration with Meat Puppets Kurt Kirkwood and ex-Sublime Drummer Bud Gaugh, seemed to be a good outlet for Krist but led him closer to his true self and interests. You can read Krist’s official statement at the Eyes Adrift website HERE.

I would give anything to see Novoselic vs. G.W., rock legend up against half-wit oil baron, this upcoming election! And just think about all the kids who thought ‘Cigar Willy’ Clinton was hip because he could blow a sax, amongst other things. With Krist as our new President he could incite a mosh-pit to really liven up those White House press conferences. Of Course, Donald Rumsfeld would have to loosen up a bit and stop wearing those crappy ties…

In the wake of 9.11 and the ‘Bush World War’ that have since taken place I want to implore the music fans of this world to not simply sit on the outside and get lulled to sleep with the rest of the mediocre Americans this upcoming election. Let’s get our heads on straight and not forget the big scam that happened last time when the candidate who accumulated the most votes was the loser……

S. Remington - Editor
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