Sex Machine!

James Brown the Godfather of Soul, the hardest working man in show business, and undoubtedly the Funkiest human ever to walk the planet is set to be honored by the Kennedy Center for his achievements. Although the Godfather is a ripe 70 years old he still dominates the stage with electrifying, ass-rocking, vitality that even the younger Rap and R&B artists can’t seem to muster. It just goes to show that age is no limiting factor when it comes to getting your groove on.

A concerned reader wrote in the other day about the ‘Pop-up Ads’ that they received from PhreshWater.com upon their visit. I want to point out that during my search this morning to find the ONE James Brown story on the Internet that didn’t have a ‘Pop-up’ Ad tagged onto it was a long and aggravating battle. After browsing nearly a dozen websites I finally found a news source worthy of adding to the News Ticker. Let me say that being part of the independent media that we need some advertising to keep afloat but I promise you that PhreshWater.com will NEVER accept ‘Pop-up or Under’ Ads of any kind. That type of invasive visual pollution just makes me sick. However, when we link away from our site we can’t control the devious advertising schemes of the other news sources that are present on the Internet.

If anyone else is fed up with ‘Visual Pollution’ (Force-Fed Images such as Billboards, Pop-up Ads etc.) I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject. This is an editorial column which means your voice is just as important, or more important, than mine. Don’t just sit back and let it all slide by: Free minds need Free voices. That’s what PhreshWater.com is all about.

S. Remington – Editor
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