Oh Canada!

(Toronto) - The Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) is initiating what CRIA President Brian Robertson categorizes as "the second phase of our education program with Canadian users of file-sharing services".

"This phase follows on the heels of our Value of Music campaign, which launched in April of this year", said Robertson, "and is designed to inform Canadian users of file-sharing systems of the damage they are inflicting upon the thousands of people involved in the creation of music, as well as to warn them of the legal implications they might face". ..:: Read More Here

Thank the supernatural entity of your choice that there are people in high places on this planet that have some sense! ‘Value of Music Campaign’ – It is Brilliant! If this is a democracy, in the USA, can we fire the RIAA and HIRE the Canadians? Educating people the VALUE of music and its importance instead of hauling them off to court and using scare tactics? Well, that’s no fun now is it? Educating people might mean someone will have to do some work. Work? That might lead to solutions or facilitating the next phase of the digital revolution….

I’m going to go out to the back yard, face North, and give Canada a standing ovation!

S. Remington – Editor
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