String Cheese Gets Tough

I just received this press release last night in my in-box:

‘On Wednesday, August 6, SCI Ticketing, a company owned by The String Cheese Incident and Madison House Inc., filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Federal Court in Denver, Colorado, claiming that ticketing giant, Ticketmaster, has monopolized the concert ticketing industry, using its immense market power to prevent competition for the sale of concert tickets. SCI Ticketing also alleges that Ticketmaster has entered into agreements with, among others, Clear Channel Communications Inc., to restrain trade in the market of concert tickets.

On Monday, August 11, at 11:00 a.m. to Noon EST, at the Inter-Continental Barclay Hotel (Drawing Room and North Parlor II), 111 East 48th Street in New York City, a news conference will be held to explain the lawsuit, and present the argument that fans shouldn’t have to suffer financially at the hands of Ticketmaster, and artists should be able to provide their own ticketing services, thereby maintaining relationships with their fans and controlling their own musical futures.’

Here again, music fans, is your chance to start using your hard earned (or borrowed) money, your brains, and hands to swing your ‘political’ bat. I know that’s a scary word for some of you but if only half of you who read this actually believed that your voice and actions make a difference this world would be a different place.

Why has Ticket-Bastard become a huge monopoly? It’s because you and I and the rest of our brain-dead society, who would rather blindly accept our Mc Jobs and X-Box entertainment, has allowed it to happen. Period. Even I am guilty of Ticket-Bastard convenience: I have allowed them a link in our ‘Tour Central’ page on the website as a ‘convenient’ way for fans to get the tickets they really want. But that stops today! To show our support for String Cheese going up against the unconstitutional tactics of Ticket-Bastard and in the best interest of music fans globally we will take down this link and interface before the weekend is over.

This is not the first time Ticket-Bastard has tried to seal itself off from the constitution to siphon the wallets of music fans. My suggestion to you all who are buying tickets for events is to go to the artists website FIRST and put your money THERE. That’s politics!

S. Remington – Editor
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