Chalkdust Torture

I was poking through the Music News last night on the ‘Net like probing a bowl of spaghetti with a fork in search of the last remnant of a meatball. Suddenly, out of the piles of hype and fluff, appeared a headline that made my head spin in wonderment: ‘Phish Bassist Arrested for Child Endangerment’. You can imagine the shock of hearing that Mike Gordon could be into a major mess involving a child. I clicked quickly on the link and read the story. A sense of relief came over me as I finally came to the bottom of the article which read: ‘A joint statement released by Gordon and the girl's family reads, "We have had several discussions regarding the situation that occurred at Jones Beach. It is now clear to all involved that this was an unfortunate misunderstanding, and we look forward to putting this matter behind us."

I should probably do Phish and Mike Gordon a huge favor by not even mentioning this again in the press. But, my point in doing so is to point out that the core of this story, which held the truth, was eclipsed by the impending sense of doom in the headline itself. What idiot decides that this manure can get served to the public?

This is the difference between the Independent Press, like ourselves and others ventures on the ‘Net and print, and the mindless dolts who make a living by turning a harmless situation into a ‘Breaking Story’ that could cause irreparable damage to another persons social life and not to mention their career. Just look at the headline and then the article. The body of the story, which is Mike Gordon is cleared of accusations, cancels and nullifies the Headline itself! Lenny Bruce would have a field day with this material! I guess you don’t need to take a class in common sense in order to get your degree in journalism either.

So, before you go to class this morning or hit the Phantasy Tour forum you know the truth from the bullshit and can help the music fan community from spreading rumors. Please remember, in this fast paced world where you are expected to toss your brain out the window as soon as you roll out of bed, to not scan the headlines and inadvertently continue a trail of slime created by some lame-brain sitting in a high rise capitalizing on disinformation.

S. Remington – Editor
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