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I know that I’ve approached this topic many times in the past few months but I want to keep it on the hot plate so that others, those who are not ‘In the Know’, can get a taste of what I’m talking about. In the dark shadows cast by the RIAA by dragging Junior High School students into court to coerce $2000 out of mommies credit card for trading Britney Spears MP3’s (Which will have no value or fond memories in 2 weeks since she licked Madonna’s tonsils) it’s important to educate everyone that downloading music is NOT illegal if you are simply doing the right thing and getting it from the correct source.

I’ve heard people in the check-out line at the grocery store comment on taking away Sally’s computer because the Government is going to send their precious to prison sharing all those Justin Timberlake songs. This is just the kind of propaganda that the RIAA has been able to spin by not tackling the issue, coming up with any viable solutions, and using intimidation to wring our wallets at the Music Store which is ON THE WAY OUT! It’s called evolution folks.

Last night I finished downloading a great LEGAL copy of a pro-shot, Black and White, VCD (Video CD: Digital video that you burn onto regular CDR’s that will play in most DVD players or on your computer) of the Grateful Dead @ the Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ 04.26.77. I was so happy to make this find and I felt catapulted back in time watching the Dead jam through ‘Estimated Prophet’, ‘Good Lovin’, and many more. Jerry was a spry young man then and was jigging and two-stepping around the stage while blasting out guitar solos. What a treat for the archive!

Not everyone is a Grateful Dead fan, true. But there are so many great LEGAL things to share on the Internet that I can’t even fit them on this page. I hope that anyone that is reading this is taking the time to consider what I’m saying and help someone out by showing them the ropes or if this is all new to you that you follow suit. I guess the real issue here is that we support the artists and not steal from them and gladly share on the Internet what they ALLOW you to share as a fan. Here, again, are some great resources for getting started in Legal Peer to Peer downloading of music on the Internet.

Bit Torrent: A great way to share files that I’m just getting savvy enough to seed my own shows that I have in the archive. Check out SharingTheGroove.org. This Legal trading forum is HOT! They have all the info to get you started right inside the forum itself as well as exposing other great Bit Torrent download sites.

Furthur: A great Legal Peer-to-Peer downloading community. You can share and download many of your favorite artists live performances with a slick interface that even has a great chat room featuring the charismatic chat-bot: ‘Truxel’

Etree: A cornucopia of downloading knowledge, loss-less file compression formats, forums for Bit Torrent and other LEGAL trade music trading, and links to all the tools and tutorials to get you started. Definitely the leader in Loss-less audio information and resources.

S. Remington – Editor
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