Warren Zevon 1947-2003

Warren Zevon was born in Chicago on January 24, 1947. Early in his childhood his family moved to Los Angeles, California where he studied classical piano and as a junior high school student had as an acquaintance the legendary Russian pianist Igor Stravinsky. Warren’s big musical breakthrough would come in 1978 with Jackson Browne producing his second album entitled ‘Excitable Boy’ which featured the Rock and Roll classic ‘Werewolves of London’.

While beginning work on his latest release ‘The Wind’ Warren started experiencing chest pains and consulted a doctor for the first time in 20 years. Having been diagnosed with lung cancer Warren knew this would be his final work and propelled himself into the most intense creative period of his life. Read full story HERE

Warren’s collaborations included 2 albums with R.E.M., Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, and Neil Young just to name a few of the impressive list of modern music legends. Rolling Stone.com has an extensive online biography of Warren Zevon which can be found HERE.

Warren, may you rest in peace…

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