Final Wish III

A reader has sent in the following comments:

I have to say that I agree with your idea that legally, the band should be allowed to allow someone to carry out their wishes.

Let's talk about the MORAL part of this. Let's consider the possible negative consequences. We don't know how this person is planning on taking their life, but, if it's going to be immediate, it will probably be violent somehow or really gross. (Even a "non violent" method could be very intense. Imagine a poisoned person writhing and in convulsions while he vomits blood before a large audience.)

Witnessing such a thing can be extremely traumatic for people. There are many psychological disorders and disturbances which can result in those who witness this (such as post traumatic stress disorder). Any audience member who feels they are ready for this may be in for a surprise.

We also have to consider the possibility of something going wrong. It doesn't occur often but even people have tried such extreme suicide methods as shooting themselves in the head sometimes survive. What if the suicidal party somehow survives their attempt?

In my opinion, this suicidal party and the band are being very selfish. They are only thinking of their own publicity and are not considering that the audience may be biting off more than they can handle psychologically and nobody can foretell the extent of the consequences of this event.

- Tara B


You have really hit on a key note here and I’m glad to receive your response. I have to agree with you on the possibilities of things going wrong and making an already macabre situation go the wrong way, which in reality could happen easily. Perhaps Hell on Earth needs to perform with this patient in an arena that is more intimate and NOT up on the stage, in front of a paying audience, where others stand the chance of psychological disturbance…

S. Remington – Editor
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