Hippie Evolution?

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Widespread Panic concert in Asheville NC where the Disco Biscuits opened. My tickets said that the Civic Center doors would open at 6:30 pm so I planned on getting into the downtown area by 6:15 to assure some decent parking and get in a much needed beer before the kick-off. Throngs of fans were outside the Civic Center doing their ‘Shakedown’ thing with falafel wraps, beer for sale by the can, goo-balls, and other party favors but I slipped by all the kind madness and headed indoors and out of the Northeast wind gusts.

Once inside, which literally took seconds since everyone else was in the parking lot, I found my treasure trove: The beer stand serving extremely cold Highland Gaelic Ale on tap with no one in line. As soon as my clear plastic cup felt the first splash of brew my spine rattled with a rhythmic hammering of bass guitar and drums followed by the unmistakable sounds of the Disco Biscuits. I looked down at my watch which said 6:36 and I just couldn’t believe they were going on stage so early. I think I was just as excited to see Bisco as Widespread this evening since this was my first live exposure to them and I made my way to a stage right seat over the stage.

Before I go any further let me forewarn you that I’m about to step on some toes here. The Disco Biscuits are an amazing band as they proved right before my eyes. What brought shock to me though was the 100 kids down in front of the stage and the thousands of empty seats and open floor space devoid of other music fans. I swear that the crowd level stayed near this level through the entire Bisco performance and I wondered why the Spreadheads weren’t honoring this amazing double-bill tonight?

Another element of weirdness that made me chuckle all night long was the wandering gaggle of ‘Hippies’ with cell phones glued to their heads. I thought I’d never see the day where you couldn’t get away from the damn telephone long enough to enjoy your favorite band. What in the world were they doing: Aping those sappy television commercials where dad is holding up the cell phone at his son’s piano recital so mom can tearfully listen in from the crowded city bus? Jesus, I can just imagine a bunch of kids who couldn’t make the show crammed into a college dorm room passing around a cell phone and a bong sharing the experience…..Give me a break.

I can’t believe that I go into forums and chat rooms, which I will not name here, and witness people slamming bands and gathering factions of others around them to slander other hard working musicians simply because their music doesn’t appeal to them. I’ve been in the scene for a long time and I’ve never seen ‘Hippie’ types like we are seeing now. I shouldn’t even use the word ‘Hippy’ in the same sentence when I’m describing these idiots. I also find it funny that half of these dim-wits probably couldn’t muster up enough energy or brain power to even play an instrument or do it night after night to near perfection.

Is this the new Hippie Evolution? Please say it isn’t so!

S. Remington – Editor
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