Sympathy for the Devil?

In a move that is sure to knock the wind out of independent and smaller music retailers, The Rolling Stones have agreed to make Best Buy the exclusive dealer for their upcoming DVD release 'Four Flicks' for the first four months on the market. In a music economy that is already hurting from the long lasting effects of online piracy these types of exclusive deals are sure to hurt many retailers and with more deals like this likely to happen it could stomp the local music store into extinction.

Not only do these types of exclusive business deals begin to degrade the business ethics of the music industry it also cuts off many consumers from being exposed to different music other than what is continually pumped like ground beef from the machines of pop culture. When all paths lead to Wal-Mart and similar corporate mega-chains the level of cultural sterility heightens and who will save our country and minds from this black vortex? G.W. Gump? Don't bank on it.

According to Reuters, full story HERE, one retailer has decided to mark up all Rolling Stones products by a few dollars in order to send a message to The Stones that making a profit won't be so easy when you exclude the rest of the market.

I never would have thought that the Stones could be so greedy. In fact, I had eyeballed the 'Hot Rocks' CD set the other day to replace the one I had lost in college. I think that I'll do a little at home, personal, boycott of my own and not purchase any Rolling Stones merchandise during the entire holiday season. I bet if a few thousand more joined in they might get the message that their own fans are a bit upset for selling out to the ones they have spoke out against throughout their careers. C'mon Mick! You're the one in charge, do something about it!

S. Remington – Editor
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