RIAA’s Download Spiral

Ok. It wasn’t good enough that the RIAA started dragging in 12 year old schoolgirls and 70 year old grandfathers into court in order to gouge their wallets for downloading Britney Spears and Lawrence Welk tunes. In a paltry attempt to show a beaming halo around their heads and a an attempt to gain a sympathetic shoulder to sniffle upon with the American youth and public the RIAA, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, has added another notch of absurdity onto its belt.

RIAA officials have recently decided that instead of bulldozing American citizens into court, most of which who saw the illegal P2P networks as legitimate, they are going to give you the option of ‘Settling Up’ before they dutifully chop your head off and potentially send you into financial ruin. Doesn’t that make you want to invite the RIAA over for dinner now? Oh, wait! I forgot to tell you the best part, the part that makes me giddy all over like a punch drunk sorority girl: They will gladly give you 10 days to pay your fine! How can the RIAA be more generous? Is there a Nobel Prize for utter stupidity? Read the full story HERE

What simpleton in the RIAA comes up with these tactics? Aren’t my tax dollars and yours paying for these fools to waste our money playing Gestapo and being blatantly unfair with their cruel and unusual methods of settling the issues of copyright infringement? What ever happened to educating Americans on the long-term dangers and the decline of our musical culture by robbing those who entertain us?

I guess going after the super-power P2P networks (Kazaa, Napster, and Morpheus) hasn’t been able to draw enough blood and gore for the RIAA’s feverish crusades. They build these networks for one purpose alone: Make the sharing of these music files seem like the norm and safe, take in millions in advertising, and then point the finger back at the public who they have swindled. Who is the real villain here? Are these networks able to buy themselves out of peril and due punishment? Obviously so and who is going to stop them?

S. Remington – Editor
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